Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hyrule 4

So here I started Hyrule 4 (as my old town was Hyrule 3; CF was Hyrule 2 and WW was simply the first Hyrule lol)  I tried to not take pics of every celebration for every PWP like I did for Hyrule 3.

I backed up my 3DS date to 4/21/13 so that I could
get the carnations from Mother's Day and Father's Day!

Here are my original villagers:

 No slingshot yet so have to stand here and hit the balloons with my shovel when they dip down lol

 My first hybrids!  Figures they're orange!!!

 Original villagers

 But I'm Princess Zelda!!!!!

 Yay!  Kody always seems to find me in every version of AC!!!!!  I love him!

 Ah!  He came from a one of my good friend's towns.

I'm all clicky clicky click EVERY TIME! lol

So much orange! 

 He came SO close to me not liking him but he barely missed my path!

 Ah, he's from a town that I'm no longer friends of but I ended up really liking him alot!

Yay first pink hybrid!!

Wow, I never caught one of these in Hyrule 3!! 


 WHY do they have your character look right at his crotch like that????? ROFL

 More orange!

 Thanks to a bunch of friends for all the fossils!!!

So that's what a perfect apple looks like!

What a fun perspective for pics! lol

 Two purple hybrids in one day!!!!

 I couldn't get him to move to town

Tried so hard to get her to move to town but failed!

 Trisha, my Kody misses you!!!!

Ha ha.  I dropped my rod to make room for a rare bug and now it looks like buried treasure! lol

Sounds more than ok with me! lol

Darn dig spots hide!

Another hidden dig spot!

He looks so cute in that shirt! lol

 The new Zelda!

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