Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Zelda gets her groove on!

Yay!  Thanks to Covet, Zelda actually looks herself finally!

Orange cosmos hybrid!

Orange pansy hybrid!

Kody cracks me up! Ladybro!!! lol

I love you Kody but not like that!!

LOL  Gay pride at it's finest!  Thanks for the pattern Dennis aka Sinner!

Kapp'n kinda gives me the creeps!

My favorite fish tank in every version!

I finally got my own wetsuit and made it to this isolated beach for the first time!

Night swimming

Pascal scared the crap outta me the first time! lol

Huh?  Who the heck are you?

The badge man!

Ok, yes, he definitely gives me the creeps!

Another orange pansy hybrid!

Ooh!  My first pink tulip hybrid!

Another pink rose hybrid!

Yet another payoff...

Second completed dino!

This was my first

First reading from Katrina!
What, no buckets are falling on my head??


My knees are locked! lol

A pink gorilla?? lol

Well, it's nice to meet you too!

Ok, so here is my living room!  I'm afraid of losing my hybrids
so I keep them all in my house! lol

Yay, another hybrid

I did?  Where did the badge guy go then?

Yet ANOTHER orange pansy hybrid.

Updated hybrid room

Hmm.... this is new

Two more dino's complete 

Hey mama! (This is my mom's character)
I got her after we DS to DS'd

Taking a ride with cutie Sinner Bear!

I have no idea.  Must have taken by mistake. lol

Yay, pink cosmos hybrid

OH NO!  She's BACK!

I believe this is Miss Thelma sleeping during a visit.

Another pink cosmos hybrid

Hmmmm, now what could this be?

And the same day my Nooklings upgrades!

Perfect cherry tree!

Visiting Miss EmilyJ who actually lives in Germany

Taking Claire aka Wrathie to my island to swim and do some tours

Yeah, right lol

Another boat ride with Covet and Viv

Well this is new!

And this

My first one that wasn't in a tour

Creepy, creepy, creepy!

Woohoo!  A new bridge right below my house!


None of your effing business buddy!

My first REAL piece of artwork!

...and another...

Yay, my bridge is complete!

Looking for a spot for my second bridge and found a new orange tulip hybrid!

Cuz I'm a fishin' fool!


Apparently I'm a buggin' fool too!

Oops!  Did that by mistake! lol  How cute!

Dancin' the night away at Club LOL in Covet's town!

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