Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ACNL Pics from 6-20-13

Another new pink rose hybrid wearing my new Majora's Mask!

New blue violet hybrid

Good, maybe I can catch a few C-fish tonight then!

And you're saying this right next to where my police station will be constructed! lol

Yay, another mannequin!

I can try it on but I can't afford it yet! :(

 Um, no, I don't think so Kody.  We don't have enough traffic for a caution sign!

Yay, my first golden tool!

Yet another new blue violet hybrid

I love the pink lily hybrids.  Here's another new one!

... and another...

Same flower, different pose

Can't wait until it's all paid for!

I got my own Club LOL!

New Pink cosmos hybrid

Another pink rose hybrid

My new bamboo plants
 And another new path pattern.  Not caring for it much either!

Shampoodles is finally under construction!

Nintendo StreetPass, Reggie

More new bamboo

My cute little house!

What do angels smell like exactly??

Yay, new fish!

That sounds mighty fine Reese!

Yay, finally a police station!!

How many more to go?? lol

Yay, Booker is my new town policeman!

I'm the mayor so yes, it is perfectly ok for me to take them dude!

Bamboo getting bigger

Get off my tail Booker!

Outside my new police station

I have no clue what I was talking about! lol  With Covet and Shirles in Junkyard

Yes and look!  I have the 1 mil bells to buy it finally!
Yay, Zelda finally has her crown!

 Blowing on a dead dandelion.  The only thing they are good for!

Bamboo fully grown

Um, who the heck parked their house plot right on my main path???

Another Nook upgrade!  Yay!

Official inauguration of the new police station

What are you going to do to my house this time?

You can't see it but she it shaking the whole house in there!

Emotes from Shrunk

These darn blue violet hybrids grow like weeds!

Another orange pansy hybrid


Yay, I can't wait to see my new Brewsters Coffee House!
I hear you can get coffee TO-GO!

 Too bad I already had 10 villagers.  I would have liked to talk her into moving to my town permanently!

 My first cup of coffee in my new Cafe!

 Anyone watch Criminal Minds??  Don't I look just like Garcia here? LOL

 Thanks but no Mathilda.  You keep your fish/cherry stew!
I would have liked to have her move in too!
 Another boat trip with Sinner Bear

 The museum rooms are great areas to hold all your bugs and fish you catch after the stores are all closed for the day!
 I had so many this time I had to add some to my hybrid room!
 One of my clothing rooms

Another blue violet hybrid.....boring! lol

My first mushroom and it's a famous one!

Yay!  Again! lol

My first perfect fruit tree died!

Man, you just don't give up do you??

Who ever said that is was??

Weird fortune cookie fortunes!

I got the dream suite!!!

I can't believe it took me off and on all day to find this dig spot!

Night swimming with my crown on.  It's a wonder I don't sink!


Fruit harvesting is might thirsty work!
 I'll just take a swig of my COFFEE TO GO! lol

Still trying out path patterns.  Still haven't found one I can live with yet.

And again....

My new lighthouse!

I grew a pink lily hybrid from pink lily hybrids! 

First arapaima??

Yet another orange pansy hybrid.  If you noticed, you see I finally got up the courage to put my hybrids out in the open!

ROFL  She is a hoot!

And this wallpaper and carpet are what she considered the height of fashion decor?  NOT!

Here's another path pattern than will not stay around long.....
And again....
 And I'm only wearing this hideous melon shirt because Katrina told me it would ward off bad luck today!

New villager; can't remember his name.  He didn't stay very long.

The beginnings of my NL kitchen

Yay, another C-fish!

Here is another dig spot that it took me all day to find!

I never get tired of this view.

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