Thursday, August 22, 2013

ACNL Pics as of 7/31/13

 I thought you said "important" ??

 YAY! I finally was given a villager pic!!!!

Another new pink rose hybrid!

 Can you see the digspot?

 Here does this help??  Took me all day to find it!
 What about this digspot?

 Took me all day to find this one too!

You mean this one we are standing in front of????

Um, yeah, I'll do that lol


Another black rose hybrid!

Isn't this the one it's supposed to be hard to catch?

Yes, but everything I wanted you wouldn't let loose of!!!

Awww!  I didn't teach him that!

Woowoo rofl

I keep Cyrus busy! lol

It's okay Lily, I won't tell anyone......ooooops!

Purple dolly and pink baby bear!

The first new blue violet hybrid in a while!

Nope, I don't want him!

My VERY FIRST double rainbow!!!!

I like the game spinner!

Hmmmm, who was this??  lol  I can't remember!

Oh yeah, just my luck too!  Darn!  Where's a Mega when you need it?

Would you look at the fancy horn on that hippo?

No, my name is NOT Nukie! lol 

She says she doesn't talk about me behind my back!

Room inspirations from Trish

Pastry Shop

 I NEED the Princess set!  Come on Gracie!
 So cute!

 I need that Hawaiian print dress!
 The library

 Da moooooooon!
 Cute way to arrange the Exotic set

 Nice simple Japanese room

 Japanese restaurant

 Japanese living room

 The gold room

 Room in progress???

This is Grace from Therapy and her mansion

Oooops!  I was just wanting to set it down to come back later and get it!
I didn't want to set it off! lol