Monday, June 10, 2013

June 9 2013

On 6/9/13 I played 6/1/13 because that is my birthday

I was so excited!  I started up my game and chose one of the 4 choices in town layouts as I didn't want to do what I did in CF.  I kept restarting until I got a layout I loved.  Actually, this time, the very first layout offered to me was a really great one so I took it.  Everything about it is great except I didn't get the right kind of grass so that I will get star snow.  Oh well, I can live with that.

I always name my AC towns Hyrule and this is my 3rd town so I name it Hyrule 3.  My character's name is Zelda.  Later I will create Legend of Zelda patterns for my paths and for Zelda's dress.  I can't wait to get my hair did as I am so used to my Zeldas having white hair in a ponytail! lol I have cherries and my beach is almost all one piece.  There is only one little section of it that is separate and not accessible yet (you have to get your wetsuit first and swim to it.  I guess that's typical of all towns; there is a section you can't access at the beginning.

I went through the whole getting to know everyone process.  It's not required but I wanted to meet all my townies right away.  So far I have Kody, Blaire, Bangle, Margie and Harry.  I'm wondering how many you get in this version.

I have not been able to find out yet how to order from your personal catalog, but I haven't consulted my players guide yet so I'm hoping it's in there.  I don't want to use it if I don't have to but later on I will use it for catalog purposes.

The first act as mayor was to plant a tree in the town square.   There is no recycle bin (there is a recycle shop/garage sale shop instead.  There also is no lost and found and no Copper and Booker at the gate.  There is a train station instead.

I got my bell rock and it was enough to cover the down payment on my first house.  Right now I'm living in a tent.  I chose blue as the roof as they only gave me 4 choices and none of them were pink!

I bought what I could afford in the shops.  They offered a shovel and a fishing rod!  The shops are different than before but basically still the same.  No point system at Nooks Store.  There is now a Nook Homes to redesign your home once it's built.  Same museum with nicer layouts.  I guess you can upgrade to a 2-story later on.

I found all 3 fossil dig spots and one was a repeat already so I sold it.  No pitfalls and no weeds since it's the first day.

Tip:  go into your 3DS settings and turn on parental control and assign a pin number.  You will need that number soon.

I went to Pelly and asked her if there were any presents and she gave me the rainbow screen.  Later my secretary from town hall came by and gave me a lantern for light.  I saved and started back up the game to see if I would get a birthday cake but no cigar.  Either I messed up by starting the game on my birth date or you just don't get a cake in this version.

I also used one of the patterns in my pocket and spread them around to make paths to go to all the areas of my town.  My friends already know that when they stop by they have to stay on the paths.  There will be grass wear but my friend that works at Nintendo America said it will wear slower and grow back faster than in City Folk.

I wifi'd to a couple friends towns and bought a few items there and "cataloged" their stuff they left lying in front of the train station just for that purpose.

THEN my Nintendo friend got online and said her gates were open so I jumped over there as soon as I could because she has had her game for 3 weeks already!!!!!

She left out goodie bags for her friends, including coconuts and banana.  Then we took a boat ride to her island.  I don't understand how to buy anything on the island as they asked for medals for payment.  Darn it, I really wanted that Pirate Hat for a friend on mine too!  Oh well.  We went outside and I got a couple more bananas and a weird fruit called Durian.  I wonder if that is the only new fruit?  I am in a group of adult players and so far no one has gotten a different "town" fruit other than the normals ones, oranges, peaches, cherries, apples, oranges, and pears.  So, apparently that's the only one's still that you can get?  Would have been nice to have a little something different for once.  They keep recycling all the same old fruit.

Anyway, I saw a new flower in her town that looks like a yellow lily.  I didn't have time to stop and ask her about it because it was my bedtime by then and I needed to get going.  I got back to Hyrule 3 and unloaded my goodies and then I remembered that you can't carry anything in your pockets while you're on the boat (actually you just can't access what you have in your pockets from town on the island.  But what you pick up on the island you have to put in a basket by the ticket counter and you're supposed to get it when you get back to her town.  I was in such a hurry that I ran out and didn't even think about it.  I guess I thought they would just appear back in my pockets.  Nope, my stuff was gone! lol  She said she would get me some more! lol

That was my first day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  Feel free to leave me a comment about your first day and if you have any questions, just let me know and I will find an answer for you!

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