Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

6/10/13 playing as 6/2/13 and 6/3/13

I'm going to have to keep playing a couple days at a time until I get caught up to the current date.  I do that by time traveling forward a day at a time.  You don't want to jump ahead much more than that, and definitely you don't' want to jump backward, unless you really know what you're doing and the consequences for doing it.


Today the tools for sale were the shovel and fishing rod again!  Great!  I need a watering can!  I'm losing flowers with no rain!  I also need some axes as I would like to start working towards perfect town status!  Oh well.

I found 4 fossils today!  Plus 2 weeds, a clover, and a pitfall seed.

I found my money rock and got 8 hits in (let me know if you need to know the trick to not getting pushed away from the rock so you can get all 8 hits in!  I also found out that those bee hives that fall out of the trees are worth 500 bells apiece, so I ran around and picked up the ones I had laying around from this morning and sold them.   You definitely want to sell all your stuff at the recycle shop in your town as she gives you more money than the little Nookling in uptown/the city.

I didn't mess with the trees yet.  I just told my friends to take what they needed and leave me something different in place of them.  When they all grow back I will mark where each one is and replace most of them with the foreign fruits I have been collecting because they are worth more bells.

I visited a few more friends and then I saved and shut down and changed the date on my 3DS to:


I started back up and turned around to check out my new diggs.  I can't wait until I can purchase a pink roof!!!  I then walked around and found 3 fossils, 3 weeds and the pitfall seed.  I found my new money rock, but before that I had a rock break and an amethyst was there in place of it!  I think the recycle gal gave me 2,000 for it.  I probably should have saved it in case I might need it for something later, but I need to find enough to cover that second mortgage! lol

I wifi'd with a couple friends again and found in one of their towns a fairytale house exterior you can order.  I talked to his Nook and he said he could tell my local Nook in Hyrule 3 that he needs to stock it soon.  That's a cool new thing!  But I STILL have not found out where you can order from your catalog!!!!  No one I have asked knows how either.

I did a TON of cataloging and wifi'd with friends I haven't talked to hardly at all for the last year and a half (they don't live close to me.)  It was nice visits!

I took some of my leaf items from my cataloging area and threw them on sale at the flea market shop in hopes that someone will want to buy them so I can recoup my purchase price.

I went into uptown and checked the shops.  Again for the 3rd day in a row, the only tools for sale are the fishing rod and the shovel!  What gives????  Jeez!

But first, the first thing I noticed in town was that the gate straight ahead was open and there was someone standing there!  I ran up and found that it is entrance for the Happy House Guild or whatever they call it! lol  But there were no model homes on display yet! But there will be plenty.  Go check it out.  I don't want to spoil the surprise of what you find out!  Then I went to Nook Homes and you won't believe who works there now!  Well, at least he won't be following me around for a whole day every week anymore.  He is SO annoying!  From Nook I ordered the pink flagstones for my house and a pink door too.  No charge I guess; unless they lure you in and then hit you with a 2nd mortgage after the fact! lol  I guess I will find out tomorrow!

That was about it for that date.  I'll be back tomorrow with another day or two in Hyrule!

Take care!

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