Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

6/12/13 playing 6/6/13

This morning it is raining in Hyrule 3 (no watering required today!), my house was bigger and I had two presents in the mail.  Yesterday I let Kody visit my house and I didn't rush him.  I did something else until he told me he had to leave.  This morning I received a Wall Flowerpot from him to thank me!  That's the first wall accessory I have encountered so far!  Also yesterday, I visited Margie's house.  I was only one minute late but she didn't seem to notice.  I complimented her on her decor because she hasn't messed it up yet lol, and this morning I received a Sleek Wall which is dark pull back curtains with white sheers underneath!  Very nice!

I have my 2nd  hybrid!!!!  An orange rose!  I now have them inside my house with my violets for  now.  I don't want to have to worry about losing them.  Once I have my flowerbeds set up I will move them there.

I went and talked to Nook.  This mortgage is 198,000 so it might take a couple days to pay it off this time.  That's ok though since I have more room now.  I can deal for an extra day.  I donated a firefly to the museum that I had caught last night by chance.

Nooklings didn't have anything I wanted so I just bought the fortune cookie.  I received a Shell for the fortune.  Next door something is being erected between Nooklings and the Able Sisters!  I can't wait to find out what it is!  At Ables I bought the fleece dress and the red zap pants.  At Labelle's side I bought the Pilot's Hat and the pink nightcap and I accidentally bought another red nose! lol  Oh well, it was only 80 bells but I already had one! lol  I think I am going to pair the pink nightcap with my pink ballerina dress for today.

I found out how to order items!  I have to wait for Nooklings to upgrade.  Then they will have the little red kiosk ordering machine in the corner!  Yay!

I pulled weeds, dug dig spots and hit rocks.  I found my first dandelion and my second clover (the kind that disappear when you pick them up.]  I found a sapphire in a rock that I didn't remember having in town before.  It was right up against one of my paths and I know I would not have put a path that close to a rock, so I was suspicious! lol  I also found a pitfall and then I couldn't  BELIEVE it!  I found another hybrid!  A pink cosmos!  Wow, I have never gotten this many hybrids this early in the game before!  Too cool!  I also found another white violet.  [EDIT - it is not a violet, it is a white lily!]

I ran into Marcel, my newest townie.  It appears that he is a french mime. lol  I have never had any of these townies before in other versions.  He says there are no events going on right now so he's going to make his own event.  Marcel's Chowdown where we all sit around and stuff ourselves with cheesecake!  lol  Sounds good to me! lol  But that wouldn't take very long!  BTW, after we talked he watered one of my flowers and it must count as it started sparkling like they do after you water them.  Oh, I didn't tell you about my watering can.  Rather than wait for Nooklings to stock one, or for the gardening shop to open, I did a few things that my secretary asked me to do and low and behold she gave me a watering can!  Yay!  Now I don't have to worry about losing flowers anymore!

I spoke to Blaire and she wants to visit my house in an hour.  I changed it to an hour and a half to make sure I have time to get stuff done and get back there.  I went in to sell my stuff to the recycle chic and Margie was there.  She bought my radiator while I was there. [I missed Blaire's appointment and she was mad.  I need to make it up to her tomorrow.]

I found 4 fossils and discovered that Rocket has reserved a spot to build his home on.  I put down a path to it that connects to my existing paths.  I found some excellent QR codes for path patterns yesterday and I think instead of playing 2 days today, I think I will work on getting those path patterns and laying them down!  3 of the 4 fossils were duplicates and one new one that I donated.

Gulliver is on my beach!!!!  He wanted me to help him figure out where he was heading as he could not remember.  He talked about Pho and coffee with condensed milk and I can't remember what else.  I guessed Vietnam from the choices he gave me and he said I was right.  Uh oh, I should have looked at the book first! lol  I probably get something special depending on what answer I gave him.  Oh well, he told me when he got there he would send me a souvenir so I assume tomorrow I will get something in the mail.

Also, Kapp'n is at my dock!  I'm going to my island!  OMGosh OMGosh OMGosh OMGosh!  It was SO much fun!  I'm going back asap!  Gotta sell all my stuff I collected first though and donate to the museum.

My Nintendo friend now has a shampoodles and I am going to try to get over there this evening.  Here is a link to a shampoodle guide on bidoofcrossing's tumblr blog.  Yay, I get my white ponytail all of my friends know me by!

Darn, I found some great path designs that have QR codes but I can't do anything with them yet.  If I'm friendly enough with the Able sister that sews for 10 days in a row, she will install the QR scanner in their shop!  I will bookmark them and post links for you later.  I went and talked to her but she wouldn't respond.  I guess that means I forgot to talk to her yesterday!  Oh well, 6/6 is day one! lol

Ok, well I helped my mom get her 3DS up and running today and now I need to get busy on schoolwork that is due tonight.  See you tomorrow hopefully with a new hair-did and a new store in my uptown!  Oh yeah, and another trip to the island!  I am not going to describe the island as I would not want to spoil the surprises for anyone.  I will just say this, look at the "brochures" on the desk back on the left side of the shack you end up in.  When you're done reading through all that, go outside and talk to the gyroid.  That is all you need to know; the rest is self-explanatory and you will have a blast!  I promise!

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