Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 13, 2013

6/13/13 playing 6/7/13

Before I start I wanted to update you from last night.  I went to my friends town and had my hairs did lol.  I now have my white ponytail that I love.  Beware though, the questions are not the same as they were in other games but I was able to figure it out thankfully.  Also, it rained until midnight but with no results for me.  I missed a handful of sharks and no C-fish.

I woke up early this morning and set about my town.  I pulled 2 weeds and a clover, I found 4 fossils, they were all new so I donated them to the museum, I found 3 gyroids and a pitfall seed.  I banged my money rock for the maximum amount and I found a sapphire.  TWO NEW HYBRIDS AGAIN TODAY!  Hooray!  I now have an orange pansy and a pink cosmos!  That's 5 hybrids in 8 game days!  I am amazed!  I have to be doing something right I guess.

Guilliver sent me a souvenir from Vietnam.  It is a Conical Straw Hat so I will save it since it's a special item from him.  There is a guide that tells you what you get depending on what country you guess.  Next time I will look to see which of the 4 countries he gives you to choose from gets me the better item! lol

It was too early for any shops to be open except for Nooklings.  I want them to expand so I bought both items and the fortune cookie.  Everything else is closed so I'm going to take a break until after 10AM.

Ok, first up I went and checked out my new gardening shop and bought everything they had including a hard to obtain watering can!  I am going to save it for my mom.  He/she only sells 4 items, an item, a sapling and 2 flower seed bags.

Ablel sisters had a blue pj shirt that I bought but no accessories I was interested in.  Day 2 in speaking to the sewist.  Same for Nooks, no upgrades that I wanted.

Back in town I was talking to Blaire and she asked me if I wanted to play hide and seek.  I said  yes and found the 3 townies fairly easy without using hardly any of the 15 minutes they alloted me.  For finding them all they gave me a phonograph.  Now I just need to find KK and get some songs off him!

I just found out today that you can sometimes get the balloon presents with your net if you are on the upper most level.  I don't know if they drop down a bit or what but friends of mine report having had success with this strategy so I will try it the next time I see one going through.

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