Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Early Pictures

Sorry I stopped keeping my ACNL journal.  I have just found that there is SO much to do and learn in this version that I couldn't keep up with the journal.  Instead I have decided to upload the snapshots I have taken in the game and will make notes where appropriate.  I hope you enjoy these:
 Yay!  My friends and I have waited for this game for so long!

 Hmmm, what the heck is this stuff??

 Classic AC Wisdom! lol

 What's up with all the flashy?

 Oh, now it's official?

 Oh, I see.  There is a theme for the clothing and accessories now!

 New layout for the art exhibit!


 Seriously???  I hate those!
 First boat ride courtesy of Covet <3

 Sorry guys, I didn't know I couldn't leave unless you all did too!  I felt SO bad!
We had only been there a few minutes too!

 My first complete dino!

 Yep, that's right!  And don't forget it! lol

 This haircut reminds me of my childhood!
I really need a Shampoodles badly!

 Woohoo!  The first of MANY!

 It's a known fact, elephants smell!

 Fishing from the dock; no luck.

 Island??  Oh yeah!  An island of my own!!!

 Love the French!  He's a keeper!

 My very first hybrid!  A pink rose!

 I adore Kody.  He's another keeper!

 In your dreams dear! lol

 My early collection!  Mario items, hybrids and new kinds of flowers

 Fake statue and my very own rainbow

 First dorado

First JAWS

 Oh no, not with the garbage again!

 2nd payoff

 Great, where are the houses though??

 I love my new wallpaper and the rug I got from Covet!
Did I mention she works at Nintendo America?

 My first wall hanging object!  A gift from Kody

 2nd hybrid!

 Yay!  Nooklings is upgrading!

 3rd hybrid

 Hate the dandelions!  I have enough in RL!

 My first boat ride to my own island!

 OMG he sings??


My first swim!!!!

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