Tuesday, August 6, 2013

ACNL Pics starting at 6-19-13

Yes I did you filthy beast! lol  I love Blaire.  Another keeper

A medal for medals?? ROFL

Sacred Sahara Wisdom lol

Can't say as I blame him either! lol

No idea where I am here....

My new Twilight Princess pattern path.  Eh, it looks so
much better in ACWW and ACCF.

My first pink lily hybrid!!!!

Another pink cosmos hybrid!

FINALLY!  A blue pansy hybrid!

My new T&T aka T&A store

Keep it up buddy I will have my daddy kick your butt
for being so creepy!


Updated hybrid living room complete with dental chair! lol

Another orange cosmos hybrid

Yay, my second pink lily hybrid!

My first camper and my first QR path pattern. Eh, not feelin' it.

Yeah, because you camper seem to always win! lol

Need I say it again?

Link's tent!  Right next door to me

My new bridge!

Yes, nice!

My first blue violet hybrid.

Kody, you are so adorable!

Oh please! lol

Yeah, probably not! lol

I'm gonna jump!

Yay for cliff diving!!!!

I believe this is in Sinner's town

Yay, another blue violet hybrid!

Yay more room and a new place to shop!

Well that must have been embarrassing for you!

Um, yes you are very weird.  If you don't like people watchin' then
you better use the mirror dude! lol

YOU'RE a flashy bottoms!

I love my pink!

Viv, is that you?

Sounds WAY ok!

...and another...


I caught my first Coelacanth!!!!!

And there he is for me to keep forever!

Sinner Bear is a sleepin'

Ha ha ha so cute!  Facial mask!

What a fashion statement! lol

Oops, these are out of order!  Z still was still a brunette here! 
 These sayings crack me up! lol  See?  Grapes! lol

Yeah, good for tying on presents you don't want anyone to open!

 JAWS do do... do do.... do  do

Um.. isn't that your wife's job??

Quit talking about my friend behind her back!

OK, back to newer pics
Gotta love Club LOL

Dancin' with Covet again

Yep, definitely out of order! lol
This is the celebration of the completion of my campsite!


Ok, my hybrids are running me out of my house!  Gotta find
somewhere outside I can plant them without worrying about
losing them!

New blue violet hybrid behind Link's tent

All my sea fishies 

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