Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ACNL Pics from 7-12-13

 Yummahumma????? ROFL What??
 Oh wow!  I just love Kody and his made up words! ROFL
 Last time maybe?

Oh cool!  My bamboo will hide my new instrument shelter!

 New Zen look for the Town Hall!

 Cherries in stew?  Ewwwww!

 Rafflesia in Junkyard!

My gold piggy bank isn't as cute as I thought it would be! lol

Has anyone else noticed that at night instead of a yellow bird, an owl sits there if you have a new message?

As a matter of fact, YES! LOL  I'm waiting on Link!

Awwww, that was sweet!  

I must have her in my town!!!!!

 My new camping cot


Yay, I have Perfect Town Status!


 So cute!  I head they do this but Bangle was my first stump sleeper. lol

New lamppost in my relaxation park area

Any idea who this might be??? 

 My first sick villager!

 My first 3 real paintings! 

Darn it all!

Another new pink lily hybrid!  My favorites!

New park clock project

Jacob's Ladder!!!!

WAY ok! lol

Nice price!

Last one maybe??

Woohoo!  I love turnip trading!

This sale put me over a mil

My house is so cute!

Another Jacob's Ladder

Relaxation park south end

What is it with the animals putting cherries in their cooking! lol  Weird!

Another new pink lily hybrid!

 Walking around with my to-go cup and Lily noticed! lol

Wow, this is a good spot for Jacob's Ladders apparently! lol


Oh yeah Margie, the Gay for Nook pattern lol

Yay, hard to grow new blue pansy hybrid!

A second orange rose!


Thanks to my friend Yuka, I now am the proud owner of a Lovely Doll!

 Gnomie is customizable into 6 other colors!  Boy was Mr. Blue Alpaca busy that day! lol

 Did you know this happens when you sit on your tree ledge?

I NEED this claw machine!!!

And I walk out of her tent in Junkyard and what do I see?? lol

YAY!  I first black rose hybrid!!!  Now I can try for blue roses!!!

I thought you were sweet???  Not now! lol

Yay, I've had PTS for 15 consecutive days!  I get the gold watering can!!

Yeah, 9 plants all at once!

I got a gold roof!

 Seven is sleeping when I visited...  I wonder if she knows I was staring at her!!!

 Ooh!  A new mushroom!
 Would you look at that pitfall seed???  What the heck?

I FINALLY got a time capsule request!!!
If I had known it had to go in a letter slot I would have been walking
around with an empty one much sooner than this!!! lol

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