Saturday, August 10, 2013

ACNL Pics from 7/1/13

A purple rose!

Oh yay!  Something new to build!!!

Uh, NO! WTH??

New lamp post.  It was so early only Kody was up yet!

I just love Kody!

.....yet again!

Woohoo!  I've been waiting so long for this one! lol

That's because you creep me out old man!

He doesn't say creepy things when there is someone to witness it!

Another new pink cosmos hybrid!

Yay, I finally got a job! ROFL

......and again!

I love the shade of purple these chairs can be changed into!

Visiting my friend Seven in her town Hollywud!

 Fairytale bench is cute!

 This changed my mind about the polka dot series!

 I need one of these!

I need a picnic blanket too!

End of visit pics

 Yay!  I got the dog to move and I built a fountain in his place!!!


 A visit to Beardly's 7/11

 Visit to my Japanese friends's town!

 Her tree is GYNORMOUS!

I thought this was a grape arbor! lol  It's wisteria!

Her Zen Mansion!

Another mansion!

Ice Series!!

 Gracie is as expensive as ever!

Yuka comes to visit me!


Another blue violet hybrid

Yay, I finally got my stove!

Um, no probably not Kody!

.....and again!

Limberg ALMOST took out my purple hybrid!!!!

I moved it.  Hopefully it will be safe here.

My messy gardening shed!

Hmmm, I wonder what that looks like?

Yay!  My silver can!!!

Triforce stump!

...and again!

I'm stuck! lol

My new Zen garden!

Moved my hybrids to a safer place

The bamboo jungle in my friend's town!

A friend left me a Jacob's Ladder!

How many versions of the Reggae shirt do we need??
Short sleeve and tank on display and she's working on
a 3rd????

I finally made it to a K.K. concert!

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