Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 13, 2013

6/13/13 playing 6/7/13

Before I start I wanted to update you from last night.  I went to my friends town and had my hairs did lol.  I now have my white ponytail that I love.  Beware though, the questions are not the same as they were in other games but I was able to figure it out thankfully.  Also, it rained until midnight but with no results for me.  I missed a handful of sharks and no C-fish.

I woke up early this morning and set about my town.  I pulled 2 weeds and a clover, I found 4 fossils, they were all new so I donated them to the museum, I found 3 gyroids and a pitfall seed.  I banged my money rock for the maximum amount and I found a sapphire.  TWO NEW HYBRIDS AGAIN TODAY!  Hooray!  I now have an orange pansy and a pink cosmos!  That's 5 hybrids in 8 game days!  I am amazed!  I have to be doing something right I guess.

Guilliver sent me a souvenir from Vietnam.  It is a Conical Straw Hat so I will save it since it's a special item from him.  There is a guide that tells you what you get depending on what country you guess.  Next time I will look to see which of the 4 countries he gives you to choose from gets me the better item! lol

It was too early for any shops to be open except for Nooklings.  I want them to expand so I bought both items and the fortune cookie.  Everything else is closed so I'm going to take a break until after 10AM.

Ok, first up I went and checked out my new gardening shop and bought everything they had including a hard to obtain watering can!  I am going to save it for my mom.  He/she only sells 4 items, an item, a sapling and 2 flower seed bags.

Ablel sisters had a blue pj shirt that I bought but no accessories I was interested in.  Day 2 in speaking to the sewist.  Same for Nooks, no upgrades that I wanted.

Back in town I was talking to Blaire and she asked me if I wanted to play hide and seek.  I said  yes and found the 3 townies fairly easy without using hardly any of the 15 minutes they alloted me.  For finding them all they gave me a phonograph.  Now I just need to find KK and get some songs off him!

I just found out today that you can sometimes get the balloon presents with your net if you are on the upper most level.  I don't know if they drop down a bit or what but friends of mine report having had success with this strategy so I will try it the next time I see one going through.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

6/12/13 playing 6/6/13

This morning it is raining in Hyrule 3 (no watering required today!), my house was bigger and I had two presents in the mail.  Yesterday I let Kody visit my house and I didn't rush him.  I did something else until he told me he had to leave.  This morning I received a Wall Flowerpot from him to thank me!  That's the first wall accessory I have encountered so far!  Also yesterday, I visited Margie's house.  I was only one minute late but she didn't seem to notice.  I complimented her on her decor because she hasn't messed it up yet lol, and this morning I received a Sleek Wall which is dark pull back curtains with white sheers underneath!  Very nice!

I have my 2nd  hybrid!!!!  An orange rose!  I now have them inside my house with my violets for  now.  I don't want to have to worry about losing them.  Once I have my flowerbeds set up I will move them there.

I went and talked to Nook.  This mortgage is 198,000 so it might take a couple days to pay it off this time.  That's ok though since I have more room now.  I can deal for an extra day.  I donated a firefly to the museum that I had caught last night by chance.

Nooklings didn't have anything I wanted so I just bought the fortune cookie.  I received a Shell for the fortune.  Next door something is being erected between Nooklings and the Able Sisters!  I can't wait to find out what it is!  At Ables I bought the fleece dress and the red zap pants.  At Labelle's side I bought the Pilot's Hat and the pink nightcap and I accidentally bought another red nose! lol  Oh well, it was only 80 bells but I already had one! lol  I think I am going to pair the pink nightcap with my pink ballerina dress for today.

I found out how to order items!  I have to wait for Nooklings to upgrade.  Then they will have the little red kiosk ordering machine in the corner!  Yay!

I pulled weeds, dug dig spots and hit rocks.  I found my first dandelion and my second clover (the kind that disappear when you pick them up.]  I found a sapphire in a rock that I didn't remember having in town before.  It was right up against one of my paths and I know I would not have put a path that close to a rock, so I was suspicious! lol  I also found a pitfall and then I couldn't  BELIEVE it!  I found another hybrid!  A pink cosmos!  Wow, I have never gotten this many hybrids this early in the game before!  Too cool!  I also found another white violet.  [EDIT - it is not a violet, it is a white lily!]

I ran into Marcel, my newest townie.  It appears that he is a french mime. lol  I have never had any of these townies before in other versions.  He says there are no events going on right now so he's going to make his own event.  Marcel's Chowdown where we all sit around and stuff ourselves with cheesecake!  lol  Sounds good to me! lol  But that wouldn't take very long!  BTW, after we talked he watered one of my flowers and it must count as it started sparkling like they do after you water them.  Oh, I didn't tell you about my watering can.  Rather than wait for Nooklings to stock one, or for the gardening shop to open, I did a few things that my secretary asked me to do and low and behold she gave me a watering can!  Yay!  Now I don't have to worry about losing flowers anymore!

I spoke to Blaire and she wants to visit my house in an hour.  I changed it to an hour and a half to make sure I have time to get stuff done and get back there.  I went in to sell my stuff to the recycle chic and Margie was there.  She bought my radiator while I was there. [I missed Blaire's appointment and she was mad.  I need to make it up to her tomorrow.]

I found 4 fossils and discovered that Rocket has reserved a spot to build his home on.  I put down a path to it that connects to my existing paths.  I found some excellent QR codes for path patterns yesterday and I think instead of playing 2 days today, I think I will work on getting those path patterns and laying them down!  3 of the 4 fossils were duplicates and one new one that I donated.

Gulliver is on my beach!!!!  He wanted me to help him figure out where he was heading as he could not remember.  He talked about Pho and coffee with condensed milk and I can't remember what else.  I guessed Vietnam from the choices he gave me and he said I was right.  Uh oh, I should have looked at the book first! lol  I probably get something special depending on what answer I gave him.  Oh well, he told me when he got there he would send me a souvenir so I assume tomorrow I will get something in the mail.

Also, Kapp'n is at my dock!  I'm going to my island!  OMGosh OMGosh OMGosh OMGosh!  It was SO much fun!  I'm going back asap!  Gotta sell all my stuff I collected first though and donate to the museum.

My Nintendo friend now has a shampoodles and I am going to try to get over there this evening.  Here is a link to a shampoodle guide on bidoofcrossing's tumblr blog.  Yay, I get my white ponytail all of my friends know me by!

Darn, I found some great path designs that have QR codes but I can't do anything with them yet.  If I'm friendly enough with the Able sister that sews for 10 days in a row, she will install the QR scanner in their shop!  I will bookmark them and post links for you later.  I went and talked to her but she wouldn't respond.  I guess that means I forgot to talk to her yesterday!  Oh well, 6/6 is day one! lol

Ok, well I helped my mom get her 3DS up and running today and now I need to get busy on schoolwork that is due tonight.  See you tomorrow hopefully with a new hair-did and a new store in my uptown!  Oh yeah, and another trip to the island!  I am not going to describe the island as I would not want to spoil the surprises for anyone.  I will just say this, look at the "brochures" on the desk back on the left side of the shack you end up in.  When you're done reading through all that, go outside and talk to the gyroid.  That is all you need to know; the rest is self-explanatory and you will have a blast!  I promise!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

6/11/13 playing 6/4/13

I forgot to mention yesterday that I have a new townie!  Marshall is a cute little white squirrel!  With Blaire, that makes 2 squirrels in Hyrule 3 now!  And today there is a site roped off for another townie Marcell!

Upon walking outside this morning I see that they completed my front door replacement and tiled around my home in shades of pink.  Too cute!  Today Redd is in town but it was too early to enter.  I found 4 fossils, 3 weeds and the pitfall seed.  I have forgotten to tell you that everyday so far I have been buying the fortune cookie in Nooklingtons and today I received my 4th Mario item!  So far I have the pipe, the fire flower, bananas and now Pikmin!  While there I also bought the net that they finally had for sale!  Good thing I was able to buy one in my friends town Sunday!  Lastly, I bought the washbasin.

At the Able Sisters I bought the firefighter pants, the straw umbrella hat and bandages.  At the museum all 4 of my fossils were not in the displays yet so I donated them.  You can now select more than one fossil and more than one donation and give them to him at one time.  In the case of fossils, he will tell you if he has them or not and then gives them all back at once and hopes that you donate the ones they don't already have.  While there I checked out the dino exhibits and the aquarium.  While there I ran into Blaire.  She said she has seen a better selection of fish at the supermarket! ROFL

I stopped by the post office before leaving uptown and paid $29,000 towards my mortgage.  I'm going to have to see about getting that paid off today so I can get the next upgrade!

I went to the flea market and removed some hats and replaced them with a kiddie dresser that Kody gave me.  I replaced another hat with the left platform I received from another townie.  While donating the washbasin, after buying Margie's aloe plant, I noticed that my Pikmin were greyed out!  I guess you can't sell your Mario items in the flea-market!  Huh!  Not that I would give up my Pikmin but interesting nonetheless.

I stopped by my train station and dropped a few more things on the ground for my friends to catalog.  I then went home and stored a couple things and placed my Pikmin!  The sound they make is so cute! lol

I discovered another new species of flower that looks like a lily only this one is white.  They are yellow violets and white violets!  So pretty and nice to have something different for a change!

I collected my seashells and sold them then went and found my money rock.  In the process I got a gold nugget from one of the rocks like I got the amethyst the other day!  I sold it for 4,000 bells!  I took all my money and paid off my mortgage!  Yay!  I then went to Nook and ordered my next house upgrade! Yay!  My new mortgage is 98,000 bells!

I went back to my town and talked to Redd.  Of course his prices are outrageous and I just spent all my money to pay off my mortgage!  I started fishing and bugging and selling and when I was done I had enough to buy both paintings and the statue but he said he could only sell one item to each customer!  I need to start new characters right away!

So I'm walking around looking for more cherries and marking the trees so I know which is which when there is no fruit and I see Harry and Margie standing next to each other.  I walk up and start talking to Harry and he asks me if I could deliver a package to Margie (mind you we are standing right in front of her and she is watching us lol)  He is too shy to give it to her himself.  So I agree and then I turn and talk to Margie and give her the package while Harry stands there watching! lol  She says she will try it on later, and walks away.  Then I notice she has a flea jumping up and down on her head! lol  So I grabbed it and she swore me to secrecy.  She swears she bathes every day.  So then I return to Harry and he wants to know if she liked it and I have to tell him that she hasn't tried it on yet.  He was devastated!  But in return he gave me a Dorian!  Remember that's that fruit I picked up off my friends island.  This whole scenario cracked me up! lol

Oh, and it rained for the first time today!  Yay, gyroids tomorrow!

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013

6/10/13 playing as 6/2/13 and 6/3/13

I'm going to have to keep playing a couple days at a time until I get caught up to the current date.  I do that by time traveling forward a day at a time.  You don't want to jump ahead much more than that, and definitely you don't' want to jump backward, unless you really know what you're doing and the consequences for doing it.


Today the tools for sale were the shovel and fishing rod again!  Great!  I need a watering can!  I'm losing flowers with no rain!  I also need some axes as I would like to start working towards perfect town status!  Oh well.

I found 4 fossils today!  Plus 2 weeds, a clover, and a pitfall seed.

I found my money rock and got 8 hits in (let me know if you need to know the trick to not getting pushed away from the rock so you can get all 8 hits in!  I also found out that those bee hives that fall out of the trees are worth 500 bells apiece, so I ran around and picked up the ones I had laying around from this morning and sold them.   You definitely want to sell all your stuff at the recycle shop in your town as she gives you more money than the little Nookling in uptown/the city.

I didn't mess with the trees yet.  I just told my friends to take what they needed and leave me something different in place of them.  When they all grow back I will mark where each one is and replace most of them with the foreign fruits I have been collecting because they are worth more bells.

I visited a few more friends and then I saved and shut down and changed the date on my 3DS to:


I started back up and turned around to check out my new diggs.  I can't wait until I can purchase a pink roof!!!  I then walked around and found 3 fossils, 3 weeds and the pitfall seed.  I found my new money rock, but before that I had a rock break and an amethyst was there in place of it!  I think the recycle gal gave me 2,000 for it.  I probably should have saved it in case I might need it for something later, but I need to find enough to cover that second mortgage! lol

I wifi'd with a couple friends again and found in one of their towns a fairytale house exterior you can order.  I talked to his Nook and he said he could tell my local Nook in Hyrule 3 that he needs to stock it soon.  That's a cool new thing!  But I STILL have not found out where you can order from your catalog!!!!  No one I have asked knows how either.

I did a TON of cataloging and wifi'd with friends I haven't talked to hardly at all for the last year and a half (they don't live close to me.)  It was nice visits!

I took some of my leaf items from my cataloging area and threw them on sale at the flea market shop in hopes that someone will want to buy them so I can recoup my purchase price.

I went into uptown and checked the shops.  Again for the 3rd day in a row, the only tools for sale are the fishing rod and the shovel!  What gives????  Jeez!

But first, the first thing I noticed in town was that the gate straight ahead was open and there was someone standing there!  I ran up and found that it is entrance for the Happy House Guild or whatever they call it! lol  But there were no model homes on display yet! But there will be plenty.  Go check it out.  I don't want to spoil the surprise of what you find out!  Then I went to Nook Homes and you won't believe who works there now!  Well, at least he won't be following me around for a whole day every week anymore.  He is SO annoying!  From Nook I ordered the pink flagstones for my house and a pink door too.  No charge I guess; unless they lure you in and then hit you with a 2nd mortgage after the fact! lol  I guess I will find out tomorrow!

That was about it for that date.  I'll be back tomorrow with another day or two in Hyrule!

Take care!

June 9 2013

On 6/9/13 I played 6/1/13 because that is my birthday

I was so excited!  I started up my game and chose one of the 4 choices in town layouts as I didn't want to do what I did in CF.  I kept restarting until I got a layout I loved.  Actually, this time, the very first layout offered to me was a really great one so I took it.  Everything about it is great except I didn't get the right kind of grass so that I will get star snow.  Oh well, I can live with that.

I always name my AC towns Hyrule and this is my 3rd town so I name it Hyrule 3.  My character's name is Zelda.  Later I will create Legend of Zelda patterns for my paths and for Zelda's dress.  I can't wait to get my hair did as I am so used to my Zeldas having white hair in a ponytail! lol I have cherries and my beach is almost all one piece.  There is only one little section of it that is separate and not accessible yet (you have to get your wetsuit first and swim to it.  I guess that's typical of all towns; there is a section you can't access at the beginning.

I went through the whole getting to know everyone process.  It's not required but I wanted to meet all my townies right away.  So far I have Kody, Blaire, Bangle, Margie and Harry.  I'm wondering how many you get in this version.

I have not been able to find out yet how to order from your personal catalog, but I haven't consulted my players guide yet so I'm hoping it's in there.  I don't want to use it if I don't have to but later on I will use it for catalog purposes.

The first act as mayor was to plant a tree in the town square.   There is no recycle bin (there is a recycle shop/garage sale shop instead.  There also is no lost and found and no Copper and Booker at the gate.  There is a train station instead.

I got my bell rock and it was enough to cover the down payment on my first house.  Right now I'm living in a tent.  I chose blue as the roof as they only gave me 4 choices and none of them were pink!

I bought what I could afford in the shops.  They offered a shovel and a fishing rod!  The shops are different than before but basically still the same.  No point system at Nooks Store.  There is now a Nook Homes to redesign your home once it's built.  Same museum with nicer layouts.  I guess you can upgrade to a 2-story later on.

I found all 3 fossil dig spots and one was a repeat already so I sold it.  No pitfalls and no weeds since it's the first day.

Tip:  go into your 3DS settings and turn on parental control and assign a pin number.  You will need that number soon.

I went to Pelly and asked her if there were any presents and she gave me the rainbow screen.  Later my secretary from town hall came by and gave me a lantern for light.  I saved and started back up the game to see if I would get a birthday cake but no cigar.  Either I messed up by starting the game on my birth date or you just don't get a cake in this version.

I also used one of the patterns in my pocket and spread them around to make paths to go to all the areas of my town.  My friends already know that when they stop by they have to stay on the paths.  There will be grass wear but my friend that works at Nintendo America said it will wear slower and grow back faster than in City Folk.

I wifi'd to a couple friends towns and bought a few items there and "cataloged" their stuff they left lying in front of the train station just for that purpose.

THEN my Nintendo friend got online and said her gates were open so I jumped over there as soon as I could because she has had her game for 3 weeks already!!!!!

She left out goodie bags for her friends, including coconuts and banana.  Then we took a boat ride to her island.  I don't understand how to buy anything on the island as they asked for medals for payment.  Darn it, I really wanted that Pirate Hat for a friend on mine too!  Oh well.  We went outside and I got a couple more bananas and a weird fruit called Durian.  I wonder if that is the only new fruit?  I am in a group of adult players and so far no one has gotten a different "town" fruit other than the normals ones, oranges, peaches, cherries, apples, oranges, and pears.  So, apparently that's the only one's still that you can get?  Would have been nice to have a little something different for once.  They keep recycling all the same old fruit.

Anyway, I saw a new flower in her town that looks like a yellow lily.  I didn't have time to stop and ask her about it because it was my bedtime by then and I needed to get going.  I got back to Hyrule 3 and unloaded my goodies and then I remembered that you can't carry anything in your pockets while you're on the boat (actually you just can't access what you have in your pockets from town on the island.  But what you pick up on the island you have to put in a basket by the ticket counter and you're supposed to get it when you get back to her town.  I was in such a hurry that I ran out and didn't even think about it.  I guess I thought they would just appear back in my pockets.  Nope, my stuff was gone! lol  She said she would get me some more! lol

That was my first day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!  Feel free to leave me a comment about your first day and if you have any questions, just let me know and I will find an answer for you!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Woot! It's almost tomorrow!

Welcome to my Animal Crossing New Leaf Journal Blog and Hello to anyone who cares to follow me.  It is not going to be anything fancy.  Just a place to post my Animal Crossing pics and keep track of links to good resources and enter posts of what I do each day in the game.  Probably really boring to someone who doesn't play the games.

I won't be starting my official blogging about the game until tomorrow after I've had a chance to play it, but I wanted to let you all know that I plan to set the date on my DS back to June 1st and start the game there.  That way I will be able to get the birthday cake right away and not have to wait 51 weeks for my next birthday! lol

I will also be picking up the players guide, so if you don't have one and wish to ask me to look something up, just leave a comment somewhere here on the blog.

That's it for now!  See you back here tomorrow!