Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

6/11/13 playing 6/4/13

I forgot to mention yesterday that I have a new townie!  Marshall is a cute little white squirrel!  With Blaire, that makes 2 squirrels in Hyrule 3 now!  And today there is a site roped off for another townie Marcell!

Upon walking outside this morning I see that they completed my front door replacement and tiled around my home in shades of pink.  Too cute!  Today Redd is in town but it was too early to enter.  I found 4 fossils, 3 weeds and the pitfall seed.  I have forgotten to tell you that everyday so far I have been buying the fortune cookie in Nooklingtons and today I received my 4th Mario item!  So far I have the pipe, the fire flower, bananas and now Pikmin!  While there I also bought the net that they finally had for sale!  Good thing I was able to buy one in my friends town Sunday!  Lastly, I bought the washbasin.

At the Able Sisters I bought the firefighter pants, the straw umbrella hat and bandages.  At the museum all 4 of my fossils were not in the displays yet so I donated them.  You can now select more than one fossil and more than one donation and give them to him at one time.  In the case of fossils, he will tell you if he has them or not and then gives them all back at once and hopes that you donate the ones they don't already have.  While there I checked out the dino exhibits and the aquarium.  While there I ran into Blaire.  She said she has seen a better selection of fish at the supermarket! ROFL

I stopped by the post office before leaving uptown and paid $29,000 towards my mortgage.  I'm going to have to see about getting that paid off today so I can get the next upgrade!

I went to the flea market and removed some hats and replaced them with a kiddie dresser that Kody gave me.  I replaced another hat with the left platform I received from another townie.  While donating the washbasin, after buying Margie's aloe plant, I noticed that my Pikmin were greyed out!  I guess you can't sell your Mario items in the flea-market!  Huh!  Not that I would give up my Pikmin but interesting nonetheless.

I stopped by my train station and dropped a few more things on the ground for my friends to catalog.  I then went home and stored a couple things and placed my Pikmin!  The sound they make is so cute! lol

I discovered another new species of flower that looks like a lily only this one is white.  They are yellow violets and white violets!  So pretty and nice to have something different for a change!

I collected my seashells and sold them then went and found my money rock.  In the process I got a gold nugget from one of the rocks like I got the amethyst the other day!  I sold it for 4,000 bells!  I took all my money and paid off my mortgage!  Yay!  I then went to Nook and ordered my next house upgrade! Yay!  My new mortgage is 98,000 bells!

I went back to my town and talked to Redd.  Of course his prices are outrageous and I just spent all my money to pay off my mortgage!  I started fishing and bugging and selling and when I was done I had enough to buy both paintings and the statue but he said he could only sell one item to each customer!  I need to start new characters right away!

So I'm walking around looking for more cherries and marking the trees so I know which is which when there is no fruit and I see Harry and Margie standing next to each other.  I walk up and start talking to Harry and he asks me if I could deliver a package to Margie (mind you we are standing right in front of her and she is watching us lol)  He is too shy to give it to her himself.  So I agree and then I turn and talk to Margie and give her the package while Harry stands there watching! lol  She says she will try it on later, and walks away.  Then I notice she has a flea jumping up and down on her head! lol  So I grabbed it and she swore me to secrecy.  She swears she bathes every day.  So then I return to Harry and he wants to know if she liked it and I have to tell him that she hasn't tried it on yet.  He was devastated!  But in return he gave me a Dorian!  Remember that's that fruit I picked up off my friends island.  This whole scenario cracked me up! lol

Oh, and it rained for the first time today!  Yay, gyroids tomorrow!

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