Monday, August 19, 2013

ACNL Pics From 7-24-13

 Z must be sleepy!  Always has her eyes shut! lol

CRACK ME UP!  That's not coo!

Yay!  Bella is gone and I can build something here now
to keep anyone else from dropping here in the future!

My townies love to name-drop!

Seven, you've been warned! lol

This is the first time I've seen more than one moth in the same spot!

Hippeux the Hippo! lol

 Midna arrives to town!

Midna got her hairs did

Sorry Covet!

Hmmmm, this gives me an idea!


Workin' for a livin'

Pink (white) Rococo

Oh yes!  The white/pink is much better than the black/blue!
Gonna keep the blue alpaca busy today! lol

New flower clock!

I would never have seen that dig spot if I hadn't tried to put a path piece there!

Oh wow!  You mean your picture????

 Aw crap!  Plus I have to pay for it???

 Uh oh, this doesn't sound good!  What is it then?

Ok, I can deal with that! lol

Yay, the first of many!

Yay!  New purple rose!

Link's gnomie and dino collections

I love Lily!

Yay!  Another Jacob's Ladder!

Oh, so you come from The Farm you say?

At The Farm I believe lol

Actually, it sounds kinda familiar.

Well, first you will have to explain what that means exactly  lol

Aw!  The Goth Yellow option is nice too!

 New items from a new street pass house!

 My new hammock

Aw!  Nice!

 Artworks so far

 Visiting Sinner in Heaven :)
Totally love the angel playing the harp!

And the Jesus he made too!
Oh and the bowling balls that make all that thunder we hear from time to time! lol

Rainbow in Junkyard

New pink rose hybrid

Ooh!  Another new pink rose hybrid!

 Yay!  Gracie finally showed up!!!

In a new street pass house but it's not orderable! lol

Nice view

Wow, Midna found another pink rose hybrid.

Hahahahahahaha  Ogre Wig! lol


  1. Is the ogre wig only available in Japan or was it just a rumor my friend was telling me of?

  2. Yes, it is only available in the US in you have a friend in Japan.

    1. Is it available off the catalogue and if so is it possible that you may add me so that I can get one because I desperately want it. And if its not possible off the catalogue, in any other way? My friend code is 4639-9212-1006 . Please and thank you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Someone stole my 3DS with my game cartridge in it, I have gotten a new one and a new game and started a new town but my Japanese friend is no longer playing right now.

    1. Oh darn, thanks anyway. If its ever possible please help me out on this situation. Thank you.


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