Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Very upsetting

I was devastated!  One of the maintenance men in my apartment complex stole my 3DS, charger and ACNL cartridge that was in it!  And he GOT AWAY WITH IT because no one actually SAW him walk out with it!

Fortunately my sweetie bought me a new 3DS and I traded in some old games to cover the cost of a new ACNL cartridge but STILL!  Can you imagine??

I will finish uploading my pics from my old town and then start uploading pics of my new town which I now have back up to the level my old town was at.  I just lost some rare items that I received from my Japanese friend Yuka. And unfortunately she hasn't been playing ACNL lately so..... Hopefully she will start playing again soon because I always LOVED to visit her town!  It is amazing!

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